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Huisamen & Gous Audiologists is a professional and friendly audiology practice specialising in modern hearing instrument fittings. We are trusted by many general practitioners in Centurion and the surrounding areas to provide professional hearing care services to their patients. To date we have fitted many candidates with great success.

All our services are carried out by fully qualified audiologists who

  • have obtained a 4 year Bachelors degree in Audiology and Speech Therapy at the University of Pretoria, and
  • are registered with the Health Professionals Council of South Africa.

The two practising partners are Marelie Gous & Jacqueline Huisamen.



Here are a few testimonials from satisfied clients:

23 Oktober 2009

In ons hoogs kompeterende ekonomie en bombardering met advertensies is die verbruiker verward en weet nie watter produk of diens nou eintlik die beste of goedkoopste is nie.

Die gehoortoets en apparaat bedryf is geen uitsondering nie.

Wat oortuig jou as verbruiker om by herhaling van die dienste van n spesifieke voorsiener gebruik te maak?

Eerstens DIENS (voor en na verkope), dan tot n geringe mate prys.

Ek gebruik vir die afgelope 25 jaar gehoor apparate en het gestaan of geval by n sekere bekende fabrikaat (juis oor diens), tot verlede jaar. Ek was glad nie tevrede met die diens asook apparate nie, maar het maar op aanbeveling uitgehou en probeer gewoond raak.
Toe ontdek ek HEARSAY van IRENE.


Dit is selfs nie eers vervelig om in die wagkamer te wag nie, want al die personeel is vriendelik en ontspanne.


13 Augustus 2009

" I would like to express my gratitude for the professionalism, persistence, sensitivity and understanding that you displayed while dealing with me and my little hearing problem over the past few months. It is probably second nature to you, as you see it everyday, but it is not easy to accept that one ages and looses one's senses start to dull as time goes by.

After much consideration, I agreed to give a set of hearing instruments a test and was immediately struck by what I had been missing, especially at work where much of my time is spent in meetings. I did not realise that I had slowely become more and more reliant on lip-reading to make sure that I understood what was being said.

The first set of hearing instruments that I tried made my world sound very tinny and the "pings" of lifts arriving, microwaves finishng their programs, alarm systems or clocks chiming where very annoying and tended to ring my ears. At this stage I was ready to say NO to hearing instruments. However, thanks to you and your patience and understanding of my position, I agreed to give another make a try. My second set was a far better proposition and I was far more comfortable with these. The first thing that I noticed was that I could now easily follow meetings without losing any input and that I was far less tired at the end of the day because I was putting less effort into following conversations and meetings.

Another of my fears was that everyone would notice my hearing instruments and start treating me differently. However after 2 months no-one has even noticed the hearing instruments and the only people who know about them are the ones that I have chosen to tell.

Thanks again for your support and understanding in helping me accept my hearing problem and come to terms with wearing hearing instruments."

5 November 2009

" Ek wil jou bedank vir die uitstekende en vriendelike diens wat ek van "Hearsay" ontvang het. Dit was veral vir my van groot waarde dat jy alles so duidelik en verstaanbaar aan my oorgedra het. As eerste gebruiker van gehoor apparate, was dit vir my n groot aanpassing om nie net te moet aanvaar dat ek dit nodig het nie, maar ook baat sal vind daarby. Jou geduld en goeie luistervermoe om uit te pluis wat ek eintlik wil weet as die vraag bietjie onbeholpe uitkom, het bygedrae tot gemoedsrus vir hierdie senior burger.

Ek waardeer ook die opvolgdiens wat ek van "Hearsay" gekry het en dat jy my op hoogte hou met uitstaande kwessies.

Ek sal julle beslis aanbeveel by enige persoon wat oudiologie benodig.

Baie dankie nogmaals."

We are committed to changing the negative perceptions surrounding the use of hearing aids by making the community sensitive to the fact that digital hearing instruments are synonymous with superb technology, cosmetic appeal, a life-changing experience and effectiveness through superior service and support.


  • To create an experience for our patients that will ensure their satisfaction and the selection of the right hearing instrument/s to suit their own preferences, personalities, purses and lifestyle.
  • To make our clients our point of focus, honouring them as unique individuals by approaching them with integrity, honesty and kindness and always having their best interests at heart.
  • To provide products of the highest quality in terms of technology and cosmetic appeal by attending ongoing training & development programmes to ensure that our skills and knowledge remain at the highest level at all times.
  • To make sure that the content of our service remains of the highest standard in terms of knowledge, ethics and experience.
  • To render a friendly, yet fully professional service (assessment, follow-up consultations and reports), causing it to be a life-changing experience.


  • We go the extra mile
  • We 'love' our clients as we love ourselves
  • We show compassion, honesty and integrity at all times
  • We are professional
  • We are committed to exceeding customer expectations


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